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Holistic Education

The university is committed to cultivating professional talents with leadership skills and sound characteristics for society. The administration offices of the university collaborated seamlessly with the College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, the College of Management, and the General Education Center.  Furthermore, teachers remain close interactions with parents.  A self-management policy is implemented in the dormitory. Our all-round education covers day and night, classrooms and dormitories, teaching and research, as well as curriculum and activities. We also plan comprehensively and work to achieve the following four objectives.

Equal emphasis on professional knowledge and general education: Professional knowledge is the tool to solve problems; general education provides the basis for the knowledge of liberal arts. Due to the fact that we are living in a global village, the problems encountered in human life can no longer be simplified into a discipline that can be dealt with unilaterally. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is more important nowadays than ever. The university not only emphasizes in-depth professional research, but it also focuses on the ability of horizontal integration, training students to use multi-dimensional thinking skills and interpersonal communication skills, so that students could face the impacts caused by changes in society and advances in science and technology.

Balance between morality and academic competence: An individual’s professional knowledge and skills are not complete without correct attitudes. Attitude determines how far an individual could achieve. On top of the academic training, the university also aims to develop moral, honest and conscientious, optimistic and diligent, cautious and modest qualities in students. To promote morality education, the university encourage students to participate in voluntary services and student club activities to deepen student autonomy.  Moreover, through the implementation of accommodation support, the construction of the mentoring system, the organization of parents' forums, and the commendation of Chang Gung Youth Role Models, we are glad to see our students have a competitive advantage in the workplace. 

Integration between self and groups: The holistic education aims to rectify the materialism and egocentricity caused by the specialization of science and technology. The university put students into teamwork, so that tasks can be done through communication, coordination and cooperation. Examples are the senior-student-based services for freshman students, class-based classroom cleaning, student-club-based service learning, department-based creative talents, room-based dormitory management, homeroom-teacher-based teacher-student interaction, and new-student-based parents’ forum.  These efforts are made to achieve the goal of the integration between self and groups.  Our ultimate goal is to form a dutiful, moral, responsible, and benevolent school culture.

Harmonious body and mind: Having a harmonious body, mind, and soul is the basic concept of holistic education. In terms of hardware, the university has a library that is rich with diverse collections, a well-equipped gymnasium, and an ingenious arts center. In terms of software, the university provides a professional counselling service, offers sophisticated health care, and holds a variety of arts and cultural activities for students. Students can access to the activities and services from the moment of admission to the moment of graduation, so that they can enrich themselves for the future.

In the pursuit of academic excellence, all the university faculties and staff know that we must work hard in order to become a first-class university. It is vital to apply the school motto "diligent, perseverant, frugal, and trustworthy" to the way of doing things, as well as to internalize the motto into our outlook on life and values. In this way, students could develop the right characteristics, good manners, an open mind and grandeur. After they graduate from the university and enter the workforce, they can become pillars of the society. This is the ultimate purpose of the holistic education.

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